Home, Sweet (and salty, cheesy and fattening) Home

A flight, some hugs and a few bites of cottage cheese can do wonders to my soul.

This previous week was one of the worst in my life. I was tired and angry. I was confused, I was frustrated and although I didn’t want the trip to end in such a way, I clearly could not stay. I could hardly get out of bed each morning. And my planned trip to Rwanda to see genocide memorials, was probably not going to be helpful in lifting my spirits.

Besides all that was going on inside my head, there was the real world to deal with as well. I said goodbye to students and friends I’d never see again and wondered if it would have been better not to have come at all. I realized (remembered?) that Africa is… sad. They cried. I cried, stuffed four months into a backpack and got a last bitter taste of African speed and bureaucracy  at the airport.

But here I am. In The Holy Land. It’s all so real and familiar, and quite like I left it. I ate cottage cheese. I drank water out of the tap. I slept in a comfortable bed. My own.  I went for a run and lay on the beach and saw some friends. I consumed more calories than I have in months.

But my African adventure is not over yet, though. I am still there, somehow. And Africa is still in me. I think it will be for a while. So stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Home, Sweet (and salty, cheesy and fattening) Home

  1. I’ve been following your posts and living vicariously through you (much more exciting than painting shop walls…although it’s finally all done) but I think I’ve missed what’s happened that you’ve gone home or was this your planned return date? Or was getting bashed in the head the final straw? AND I think you should be a travel writer (get yourself a book by Jan Morris – one of her city portraits). Scotland is missing you and so are we! xx

    • You two are the best:) I was just reminiscing about our trip and thinking how long it’s been since I had whisky… I was planning on returning a week later, and spending a few days in Rwanda, but decided to save genocide memorials for another time… How’s the shop coming along??
      And thanks for the suggestion – but do you think anyone except for my mom would buy the book?

  2. WOW! What an adventure! Happy to read that you’re home safe and sound and all the better for your incredible experiences in Africa. You nailed it: it all stays with you and for all it’s worth, you made a difference!!!!

  3. Welcome home Danya!! Can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug!
    Wow, what am I going to look forward to now that you ate home?? You better just keep on writing!

    • So happy you’re home safe and sound. you’re right that profound experiences never leave you and you have definitely left your mark on those you encountered in Africa. Changing the world starts with each persons world. I have loved reading your blog and will look forward to your after adventure insights. no pressure. by the way, I have a great cottage cheese salad recipe that incorporates Israel’s best, if you want it.

      enjoy being home.


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