Long Weekend of Ups and Downs

I ate matzah in a remote village with black Jews who were thrilled to see an Israelite. And I taught them Israeli folk dances.

I did the second seder with an even bigger Jewish community, and got to see some friends from Israel. Noticing the seder was being conducted with a microphone, I decided it was safe to take pictures. Rummaging through my bag, however, I discovered my camera had been stolen.

I was going to camp out because they wanted to charge a ridiculous amount to sleep in the guesthouse (well, 25 bucks, but by Ugandan standards that’s a fortune), but I didn’t have a sleeping bag.

But my friends had sleeping bags, so I was all set!

But then I remembered I’d been itching like crazy, and even though I couldn’t find any lice, I couldn’t be sure, and didn’t want my friends to get lice because of me. So I was going to sleep outside with no sleeping bag (and no camera) on a surprisingly cold night of the seder.

Then my Dad called, but couldn’t talk because he was golfing. So he passed the phone to my brother, who also couldn’t talk, because he was golfing.

That’s when I decided these 25 dollars would be going on my parents’ tab, and moved myself inside.

The next day I went to Sipi Falls- three incredible and tall waterfalls near Mbale. They were absolutely spectacular.

On the way back I looked through my bag again. This time, I discovered, I had no Ipod. Does insurance cover this shit??

I went to a crazily intense boxing session in the heart of Kampala, and then ate Indian food with a new friend.

I got back home after four gross, sweaty days of wearing the same thing, to no electricity, no plain yogurt (a real catastrophe) and a cold shower. And lice.

There’s no such thing as a free seder.


9 thoughts on “Long Weekend of Ups and Downs

  1. Dan!

    tip of the day: lice are don’t dig Rosemary. It’s true! just pick some leaves from your village garden/ local market/ anywhere you can get them in Uganda, crush them a little bit so they start releasing odor and massage into your hair. You have to be pretty persistent, but it worked for me in Kiriat Gat!

    • ROMES!
      Thanks for the tip – not sure whether Ugandans dig rosemary, but I should check it out. I was beginning to accept them as members of the household and learning to live with them in harmony – at least until I see my mommy and she murders them all mercilessly. Or should I save them for OUR new household?

      • I will kill you. You are welcome, not your many- legged friends.
        I’m joking, I want to live with you lice-and- all.

  2. love reading about your adventure. your insights and humor are wonderful. Such a relief for us mamas over in the homeland that it doesn’t sound like this place that you’re having a life changing experience will become a new permanent address.

    can’t wait to read more.


    • Hey Leslie!
      Yeah, don’t worry. There’s a lot I love about it, but I would definitely be messed up if I spent too much time here… I probably already am:) What’s new with the family?? Making carrot cakes?

  3. it might have looked like i was golfing – but what i was really doing was spending important quality family time with my brother-in-law, nephew, and son! beseder?

  4. Sorry to hear that your camera and ipad are gone and that lice are all over. Hope teaching the yougsters makes up for thses disappointments – somewhat

    • LOOKS LIKE I’M GOING TO GET THE IPOD BACK! Don’t worry, it’s not too bad:) And yeah, thee kids are pretty inspiring. One girl wants to become a lawyer and change Uganda, first by banning plastic bags.

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