Safari People

The cameras….

So you want to be a safari person?

First and foremost, you need a hat. It should be wide-brimmed and dopey and preferably have some ridiculously touristy symbol printed on it, such as the Tanzania flag.

You probably wear glasses but if you don’t you must have sunglasses.

You might want a balaclava or some other health-obsessed form of dust-protection. An airy, button down shirt is best, but again, something super-touristy will work as well. Or you could have your tour group’s emblem printed on it.

I am sure you’ve already bought yourself a pair of khaki pants (probably sweat-wicking, rainproof and have the ability to make you fly), but if you haven’t go do that.

The most important part of your attire, however, is a camera. Or should I say telescope? It is best if you can get a camera with a zoom that touches the animal’s fur, but if you can’t, you must make sure it is one that will allow you to count the number of whiskers a lion has. And x-ray vision.


With my little point and shoot, running shirts and flowery hat, I was a disgrace to safari people worldwide. I trust you will hold up the name better than I did.


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