Waka Waka

It’s time for Africa.

Yeah, now I’m feeling it. All of those people wondering “aren’t you excited?” “How do you feel?” “Are you nervous?” – I was very calm until this morning when I suddenly had this enormous bubble forming in my belly, full of nervousness, excitement, anticipation and confusion. It’s really happening, despite the knee injury, the stomach virus, the sinusitis (someone up there was questioning whether i should go) I feel great!

So far,  the main things I’ve been warned about are:


Aids – because people think that every African has it

Getting kidnapped – apparently it’s the new thing in Kenya

Getting all of my money stolen

Getting all of my documents stolen

Getting all of my equipment stolen

Getting totally ripped off

Malaria – just learned that I’ll be spending three months in one of the more malaria-prone areas in Uganda

Altitude sickness – it happens to be genetic, and people in my family have it


Being eaten by lions

Being used in a potion as part of some tribal rite

So there’s a lot to think about and muse over and it can be somewhat entertaining… but I think it would probably be a little wiser to pack, considering the flight is in a couple of hours.

Hope to write from next from another continent:]


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