Hello World (what’s wrong with a default title?)

Hello world.

Today I ran around the base collecting different people’s stamps and signatures stating I no longer have to wear a sticky green uniform, dodging the wicked woman captain who wanted to put me on trial for entering a building in a sort of roundabout way, going to the pharmacy for the sixth time in two weeks to get a four-month supply of pills and buying a bunch of socks. And starting a blog.

I finished a two year army service, and I’m flying to Africa the day after tomorrow. I don’t feel I’m done with the first nor do I feel ready for the second.

I never really got the point of blogging. I mean – who cares? Or – who cares enough to actually sit and read about my thoughts and actions? Probably no one. But if at any point anyone will, it’ll probably be now, when my life is a totally crazy unknown mess of youth and passions and plans in the making.

Whoever you are, enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Hello World (what’s wrong with a default title?)

  1. Hi Danya, Did anybody tell you that you’re a delightful writer? Well… you are. At least in my humble opinion. Looking forward to following your adventures. Yours curiously, cheers, Hugo

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